Hammer Values

  • Attention to Detail

    The difference between “good” and “great” is in the details. An obsessive commitment to quality at every level will produce singular products that delight our customers. We should take pride in our work and constantly strive to hone our craft.

  • Simplicity

    We should always seek to distill our thinking into its purest form.

  • Shipping

    Our customers pay us for tangible products that provide ongoing and measurable value. Our customers do not pay us for ideas or to work in ivory towers. We should ship new products regularly and iterate on existing products constantly.

  • Self-Reliance

    To control our own destiny, we should constantly question the value and necessity of our dependencies. Success looks like taking responsibility for our products end-to-end.

  • Privacy

    Privacy is a fundamental human right. As technologists who know how the sausage is made, we should take an equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath to uphold this ethical standard on behalf of our customers.