First Responder

We employ expert sales agents to handle your text messages and turn them into customers.

  • Is the Chevy Cobalt still available?
  • It is, would you like to schedule a test drive?
  • Yes! What is its mileage?
  • 43,000 miles.
  • Great! Are you open after 8pm?
First Responder

Your virtual sales team

  • When you sign up for first responder, our expert staff will respond to text inquiries in under 3 minutes.
  • We get credit applications filled and appointments scheduled so your team can focus on closing.
  • We expect that you will increase sales by at least 5 vehicles per month.
Virtual Sales Team
  • “Hammer’s First Responder BDC service provides timely responses to all of our text leads. The Hammer BDC reps are masters at getting customers to submit credit applications online and schedule appointments at our dealership.”

  • “In a typical month my dealership generates over 400 text messages and Hammer’s BDC reps are constantly monitoring my leads to provide real time responses aimed at scheduling appointments at my dealership and getting people pre-approved for financing.”

  • “Hammer’s First Responder is like having full-time, highly-trained professionals answering all the text leads generated by advertising on Craigslist. They are very knowledgeable about vehicles, financing, and getting customers to engage beyond asking simple questions about vehicle.”

  • “Since we turned on Hammer’s First Responder service we've gotten a 20% closing ratio of the text messages we received. This is ONLY because Hammer’s professional reps respond to my customers with a 30-90 second response rate and guide the customer closer to making a buying decision.”

  • “Hammer's First Responder service helps keep our text leads warm by ensuring quick, real-time responses to customers when our staff is busy doing other things. I especially like the transparent communication between Hammer’s reps and our own staff when responding to a text message.”

  • “When we’re busy I can count on Hammer’s BDC reps to provide fast, savvy, and intelligent responses to our text leads. They are an integral part of my team and they are masters at taking soft questions and turning them into excited customers ready to buy.”